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Frequently Asked Questions

If i apply for Visa how much time it will take for the Visa approval?
IF you apply for the visa it will take as per the consulate & vfs terms as some country take 3 working day or 1 working days. Its totally depend on the country. Online e-visa takes approx 02 working days. 

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

You will get the registration status online once you book. After we receive your reservation, we will send you an immediate e-mail confirmation. This e-mail will include your itinerary details and ticket price.

How do I make a reservation for someone else?
To complete a reservation for someone else, simply type in his or her name instead of yours for the passenger/traveler name. Your profile information (e.g. name, address, phone number, etc.) will be used as a default. However, you may type over the appropriate fields and replace them with the actual traveler's information.

I saw a lower airfare advertised today. Why can't I get that airfare at the time of booking ?
This may occur due to several reasons. Airlines generally restrict the number of seats that may be sold at a discounted fare. Those seats may have already been sold out by the time you accessed the system. Also, most discounted fares carry certain travel restrictions such as minimum/maximum stay requirements, advance purchase, blackout dates, etc. Airlines also keep changing the prices and we have no control on airline pricing as well.

What if I need to change my flight arrangements?
If you need to change your flight arrangements at any time, please email us or call us. Based on the nature of your request, we let you know about the procedures for the required changes.

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]][[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]]How does a credit card guarantee a hotel reservation?
When you give us your credit card number, we pass it on to the hotel. This ensures that a reservation is held up to the date and time you indicate. If you intend to cancel, you must do it with in the stipulated time, otherwise hotel will impose 'no-show' charges on your credit card.

I have made a hotel reservation but my itinerary does not show a confirmation!
Some hotels take as much as 24 hours before they provide a confirmation number. If you do not get it in 24 hours, please let us know.

I am not interested in a full package. All I want is hotels and transportation? Can I book just these?
Yes, you can take just a part of a particular tour. Please email us your exact requirements and our customer service representative will send you a breakup of what you have asked for along with the cost. You can book hotel(s) and car(s) through the respective sections directly as well.

During a group tour, how are the seats allocated in a coach?

Seat allocation in the coach is on first come first serve basis. Seat numbers 1 and 2 are reserved for the tour manager/guide and seat numbers 3 and 4 are Prime seats which if available can be booked by the Guest by paying an additional cost. Guest cannot avail Prime seats once the tour is full. Prime seats option is not available for Mauritius and Andaman Tours.

How many hours is the road journey on a particular day and are there frequent halts on the way?

The length of the journey is different for different tours and differs from country to country/ city to city / itinerary to itinerary. There would be frequent halts in the journey.

What is the mode of travel in FIT Tour?

In an FIT tour, Guest are free to choose their preferred mode of transport and it depends on availability of the vehicle.

Meals and Beverages

What type of meals are served on tour?

Group tour: As per itinerary we provide all types of meals which include Continental Breakfast, Indian Lunch and Dinner. We have a preset menu and we serve vegetarian food along with one non vegetarian dish with local/ fast food item at times.FIT:World Tours : We provide breakfast only, however as per request, lunch and dinner can be arranged depending on the location and the restaurant/hotel availability. The additional amount will be a part of the tour cost. Also, if required, we can provide a list of Indian restaurants to the Guest.Indian Tours : Except a few, in majority of the destinations both Breakfast and Dinner are included in the Package.

Is a special meal available on tour?

Group tour: We can provide special meals to Guests like Jain Meal (which is without Onion-Garlic).  In case if a Guest is observing a fast then we can arrange for fruits, milk and finger chips. Also, baby meal can be arranged which includes tin milk, rice and plain dal and will be made available during meal hours only. At the same time, we suggest that Guests carry sufficient baby food in case it’s required in between meal times. Special meals can be arranged if we receive intimation at the time of booking, if not at least 15-20 days before the tour starts.FIT: Special meal can be arranged as per availability, depending on location, city, country etc. Guest is required to give an intimation in advance.

Is there any provision if a Guest needs tea frequently?

Guests can have tea/coffee during breakfast. At a few sightseeing locations we arrange for tea, coffee, ice cream etc. as mentioned in the itinerary. We also provide instant tea/coffee sachets to Guest to have tea/coffee in their room whenever they want.

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